zondag 14 maart 2010

sunshine award

Last week, Ilana sent me this message: " I was given a Sunshine Award which I'm meant to pass along to others. I chose you because because my cursor becomes a sheep on your blog. And because while you write in another language your felt is universal.."

Well, tnx Ilana for 'reading' my posts (have you found the google translator in the upper right corner yet? Well, it translates badly :) but it works for me if I want to read russian blogs too :)

So, this award helped me to do what I was planning to do for some time: find out which blogs at this moment are my absolute favourites. I have searched all my 251 (oops, thát many?!?) blogs on my list and I have come up with a list of 14 that I really like the most. They are (in random order, the first one is right at the moment I write this the most recently updated blog):

your animals have such a funny look on their faces - whenever I have a bad day, I should be visiting your site and I'm sure they would make me smile again!

this is one of the first blogs I visited and returned to on a regular basis. I absolutely adore the way you use colours in your felt, it is so inspiring!

The shapes and designs you create are very artistic and I wished I could have visited your exposition in Canada... but that's an ocean too far :)

your animals look so much alive - like they could step out of my computerscreen any minute... did I see the nose of the rabbit moving quickly up and down or was it just my imagination..?

'daily felt' is the name of this blog... and although it is not évery day, and not always a felted entry, I still admire you for posting ánd producing on such a regular base! You, too are one of the first blogs I returned to from the beginning. So that deserves an award, too. (and I really love pur poppy-skirt!)

I love to look at and read about all the experiments you do with eco-dyeing and felt. The resulting fabrics make me feel like meditating on a beautiful silent place in nature. (and oh what difficult it is to catch what I want to say in English!)

I love the way you focus on details in your feltwork, and put the spotlight on those details. Isn't this beauty in the felt itself, why we all were grabbed by the material in the first place? Felt is só beautiful in itself. You combine these poetic pictures of felt with written poetry or spiritual wisdom relating to the processes you experience in your personal life. That makes me wanting to return to your blog over and over again.

A very inspiring blog I accidently bumped up to recently. I love the knitted animals that you designed, they have humor, they are in a way 'vulnerable' at the same time. I will defenitely knit one or two one day!

I just love your flower-project. And I like the combination of nunofelt and stitching to make your designs. And you were so generous to explain your techniques to me in detail after I asked you. Still didn't use them, but I will, one day. Just hád to award you :)

the work on your blog just make mme happy when I look at them. I love the way you accentuate the details on your work with stitching and beading. Makes me smile!


your hats remind me of Judit Pócs and I am a big fan of her work. So I am of yours too! I really like the shapes and the way you combine the bright colours in your work.

I am often triggered by work that is richly coloured. In jour work it is the ton-sur-ton colours that I like so much. I love the details added and the combination of structures, textures and stitching in your phone-pockets and bookcovers!


Your blog is very diverse, I cannot put into words why I like it so much. But I just adore your table-runners and the scarves you made :) And I enjoy the pictures of all the workshops you gave. Love to see the diversity!


your felt is so lacy and luxurious in textures, I love it!

So.. if your blog is on the list, what would you be supposed to do next, if you wish? (without making you feel obliged to participate in any way, I just like to pass on the flower to you) :)

* Place this award on your blog or in a post
* Pass the award on to 12 bloggers
* Link the nominees within the post
* Let the nominees know they have received the award by commenting on their blog
* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award

7 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Dank je heel hartelijk voor de blog bloem, het maakt me heel blij te weten dat je er plezier aan beleeft :-D

Helen + ilana = Hi zei

Collette you over acheiver you! 14 blogs.....all of which were such fun to go to and look at...........you introduced me to some great work! Thanks.

Arlenesfelt zei

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. I thank you for including me in your favorite 14 blogs. I really enjoy connecting with other felters around the world.

Pam de Groot zei

Thank you so much for including me in your award. I have enjoyed my visit to you blog and found some others to visit as well!

annita zei

Dank je voor je award. Ik ben er blij mee dat je mij die toekende.

Yvette zei

wat lief Colette!

Great to meet other fabulous blogs....yvette

Gabi zei

Thank you very much, dear Colette for this lovly award!