zondag 19 september 2010


Felting 6 placemats, fitting the curtains of my Friend Martin, was the project for this summer:

(so this is the room with the curtains)
I found some leftovers of the curtains in the attic, and since it was cotton, I thought it could be nice to use them for some nunofelting. I cut them up in six equal pieces and then started to felt them. I wanted them to be all different.

So this is a table (in my house, not his yet) with all six:

I liked it a lot to be working on them. Had been a long time ago since I had been felting with this mucht inspiration!

2 opmerkingen:

Felted House zei

Such beautiful colours, all toning together yet with distinct characters, a lovely set. xx

Vera zei

Via via kwam ik op je blog terecht, erg inspirerend allemaal. Ik heb het vilten nog maar net ontdekt en vind het erg leuk om op deze manier te kunnen zien wat er mogelijk is :)
Hartelijke groet, Vera